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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Module guide: Phone call Trigger

Trigger your action with a phone call

What does it do?

This module triggers your automation based on any phone call type you can imagine.

NOTE: Please remember, that the phone numbers of your users need to be set up according to E.164 format. More about that here.

How to use it

You can select both incoming and outgoing calls, pick and choose from 9 status types, filter calls by duration and choose an agent. (Duration applies only to the time spent on conversation. It can’t be applied, for example, to status "ringing".)

If you don't select any particular agent, the automation will apply to all of your agents.

Case study

If somebody calls you while you're talking with another client, you can automate sending an SMS to let them know you'll get back to them later.

In the Phone call module, in settings, use "Incoming call" and status "Busy" then attach SMS campaign module.

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