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Adam Gościniak
Written by Adam Gościniak

AI Chat Beta Instructions

Learn how to set up the AI Chat for your live chat

What you Should Have to Access To

  • Data for AI Chat → [ ]
  • AI Chat Playground → [ ]
  • AI Chat Widget → [ ]

Data for AI Chat

The Data for AI Chat is your Data Management hub. This is the area where you will upload all your materials that will be used to train the AI Chat model to respond with prompts using your company product knowledge, and language. For the AI Chat to perform at its best, it's important to feed it using your most up-to-date information, and format each data upload as best you can (HTML structure). This will vastly improve the quality of response prompts that the AI Chat can generate. 

1 - Add Data - Upload your Knowledge Base / Support Articles / Information to the AI. You can upload HTML files to the upload screen, and the documents that you upload will be used to train the AI. The AI Chat will priortise its response with the data that has been uploaded. Any new uploads will require a minute or two to full process.

2 - You can edit or delete articles that have been uploaded in the previous step

AI Chat Playground

You will also receive access to the AI Chat playground. An area where you can converse with the AI Chat. This is a great environment to test your newly uploaded Data and assess how our AI Chat is able to respond to common customer queries. This is an environment for your company internal team - not to be shared or used with your customers / users. 

Additionally, you can use this space to play around with the AI Chat and ask it any type of question. 

AI Chat Widget

Your users and customers will interact with the AI Chat via our chat widget. It is in the inbox section of the app where you will be able to activate AI Chat. Activation can be done via toggling the small robot icon in the text box interface. 

Pressing it will activate a prompt giving you additional information about the AI Chat and the algorithms used:

  • DaVinci from OpenAI
  • Angel from 

In the current iteration, you will be asked to activate AI Chat per each session, as the AI Chat will not automatically send messages during the Beta period.

Once activated, the AI Chat icon will turn blue. Once a message is received, it will take a few seconds to generate a response. When the message is generated, the text box will automatically populate with a relevant answer to the initial prompt/question. In the beta test, the AI Chat will not send a message automatically. Each message will need to be manually read, edited (if needed) and sent by a human supervisor. 

Should the generated answer be incorrect, poorly formatted, or otherwise. Please send screenshots of the chat, and a time stamp to: or contact your Account Manager. Each screenshot will be thoroughly investigated so for the full release we can eliminate poor generated responses.


Is the AI Chat API available for use?

Currently, will not be offering the AI Chat API for usage. 

Is the AI trained via our Chat widget? does not use customer response data as training data for its module. All training is done in house.

Is the model trained on other languages?

The AI Chat model is trained only in English. 

Can the AI Chat respond in other languages?

Yes it can! The model can accept and understand inputs written in any language. Whilst the model is trained on the English language, it responds to all inputs using the DeepL translation service API - considered as the best translating software on the market. 

Can the AI Chat teach users to install other programs?

All instructions will have to come from the data that the model is fed. It can give your users instructions on how to install software, or use basic programming. But at the moment, we do not have a code-friendly viewable window to easily display information outside plain text. 

What does the AI Chat respond with if it doesn’t know the answer to a question?

The model has been trained to respond to all inquiries. The model searches for information from the web that would be relevant to the provided prompt. The model has been trained to be professional, kind and always respond with a relevant response to a question.

Does AI Chat retain information from each conversation?

The model does not store or remember previous conversations with its users. It is configured this way, so it does not store private information or data from your users. 

Can AI Chat provide a source or link to parts of our Knowledge Base?

At the moment, it will not format and provide source links to your knowledge base materials. 

Does the AI Chat generate a summary of our Knowledge Base materials, or is it a direct copy and paste?

The AI Chat will most likely respond with summary responses from your Knowledge Base data.