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Andrzej Pacholik
Written by Andrzej Pacholik

How to make phone calls?

All you need to know about buying numbers, making phone calls, billing etc.


Within our Call center module you have at your disposal all you need for making and managing perfect phone campaigns. This module lets you:

  • buy phone numbers,
  • upload calling scripts,
  • add users to calling campaigns automatically or manually,
  • call straight from user profiles,
  • record calls,
  • receive calls,
  • review call statistics.

Twilio integration & billing allows to make phone calls thanks to integration with Twilio. We do it automatically for you so all you need to do is buy a number as explained below. 

Remember! The call center module is not available during your free trial and you need to add a credit card to be able to make phone calls.

Note that won't charge you for buying numbers or making calls. All costs will amount only to fees charged by Twilio. Click here to see their pricing.

After each call you will be able to see how much was withdrawn from your account. Just go to the Campaigns - Call and in the Resources drop-down click "Call logs"Then in the table look for the "Price" column.

Buying phone numbers

  1. Go to Campaigns - Call and in the "Resources" drop-down click "Phone numbers". There click "Create new".
  2. Fill the form according to descriptions on the left and click "Search available phone numbers". 
  3. Choose one of the numbers and click "Buy". After you click the "Buy" button, the number will be bought from Twilio and their fee will be charged automatically.
  4. Now, you will be redirected to the phone number list and be able to see the one you have just bought.

Creating phone campaigns

  1. Go to Campaigns - Call and click "Create new".
  2. Fill the form according to descriptions from Help and click "Save".

Editing phone campaign

To edit an existing phone campaign go it's summary section and click edit in the top-right corner.

Making phone calls

You can make phone calls both as a part of a calling campaign and to a specific user.


  1. After you've created your calling campaign click it's name on the campaign list and click "Schedule calls" in the menu on the left.
  2. Apply filters or select certain users and click "Schedule".Once you've done it, you'll be able to see the call in the Scheduled calls section.
  3. When you click the "Call" button, you'll be redirected to the user's profile to have all important information at hand. 
  4. At the same time a new window will show up. There, you'll be able to choose whether the call should be recorded or not and whether you want to use one of previously created call forms. If you choose to record the call, you'll be able to access the recording in the Call logs section.
  5. If you've chosen one of the forms, the questions will be displayed in the same window. If you want to change the form, click "Reset".
  6. When you're ready just click the "Make a call" button.

One user

  1. You may sometimes want to call a particular user. To make the call, go to the user's profile and click "Call center - Phone call" as on the screenshot below.
  2. You will see a second window open. There, you'll be able to choose whether the call should be recorded or not.
  3. When you're ready just click the "Make a call" button.
  4. To end the call just click the red button.

Answering calls

To be able to receive calls, agents have to choose one of available numbers. Several agents can use the same number at the same time and the first who clicks "Answer" will receive the call.

  1. Click on your profile in the top-right corner and from the drop down choose "Answer incoming calls".
  2. In the new window, choose the number you want to receive calls for and click "Standby".
  3. When someone calls, you'll hear a ringing tone. Click the "Answer" button to start the conversation. 
  4. When you're finished just click the "End call" button.

If you no longer want to receive calls, click the "Stop" button. Then, when somebody calls that number, they'll just hear a single signal and their call will be rejected.

Campaign statistics

To review campaign statistics just click appropriate phone campaign name and go to the "Statistics" section".

Calls & Automation

In there are 3 automation modules that will help you manage your phone campaigns or create call-related automation paths. 

  • Phone call (trigger) - start your automation paths with any phone call type you can imagine; learn more in this article,
  • Phone campaign status (filter) - divide users based on whether they have a particular status in a given phone campaign; learn more in this article,
  • Phone campaign (action) - add users to a phone campaign automatically; learn more in this article.