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Agata Jędrzejczyk
Written by Agata Jędrzejczyk

Gmail Account Integration

Learn how to connect your Gmail inbox and synchronise messages!

Let's begin

In your app, you can easily connect your Gmail inbox to fetch the emails from your clients, partners, leads etc. What's more, you can turn them into contacts in your database and assign to Agents automatically.

How to do it

First, go to Settings --> Connected Inboxes from your app main screen.

Now you will see a window with some choices to make. To connect your Gmail Inbox to, click on 'Connect Gmail account'.

Once clicked you will see a default Google Account Select screen. Choose the account you want to connect and click on it. On the next screen, click on 'Allow' to proceed and connect accounts.

Configure your integration

Here you can choose what will happen when your app fetches the email from Gmail.

  • Agent - Here you can choose to which Agent you want your new user assigned to.
  • Create new users - Be careful with this option! This option will import the list of contacts from your email account and create user profiles for those email addresses in your application.

Your new created users will carry on the history of the email conversations with them so you can easily access it from their timeline!

Click on 'Save changes' when finished.

Using your new integration

Now you should see a box indicating that your new integration is active. By clicking on the gear icon on the right you choose from some options.

  • Update - Here you can update the settings mentioned in the section above.
  • Synchronize - This is used to manually synchronize your inbox. It is recommended to do it first time after setting up the integration.
  • Delete - It will delete the integration, but not the users created already. Keep in mind that it will also erase the users email conversation history!

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