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Andrzej Pacholik
Written by Andrzej Pacholik

CRM Activities

All you need to know about activities

Basics CRM lets you create and manage your sales activities. Go to CRM - Activities to see the list of activities. Filter to know what is left to be done.

Creating a new activity

While creating activities, you can specify their type: what deal, company and person it concerns, what's the due date, and most importantly, to which agent it needs to be assigned. 

You can create new activities both manually and with automation.


There are several places where you can create a new activity: Activity section, User's, Deal's and Company's profile and in the Conversations section while talking on chat. 

With automation

Creating activities automatically leads to an increased efficiency of your sales team. Simply build an automation path using the "Create an activity" module. 

Activity types

By default, there are 5 types of activities you can choose from. However, you can create as many as you need by going to Settings - Main settings - CRM - Activity types and clicking the "Create" button.