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Michał Korba
Written by Michał Korba

Fire events on form submit

Get variables from inputs via JavaScript and use postMessage to send events to

Before you start

You need basic knowledge HTML and JavaScript.

How it works

Here, you can see we have two custom attributes: attr_nps_opinion_1 (with the attribute data-force-textarea="true" to force it to render as text area) and attr_nps_rating_1, They will be rendered as HTML inputs with name attributes.

We're using addEventListener() method to send the event when submitting form, our submit selector is a button with .submitForm CSS class.

[:attr_nps_opinion_1 data-force-textarea="true"]
[:attr_nps_rating_1 type="number" max="10" min="0"]

  document.querySelector('.submitForm').addEventListener('click', function(e) {
    const rating = document.querySelector('input[name="attr_nps_rating_1"]').value;
    const message = document.querySelector('textarea[name="attr_nps_opinion_1"]').value;

      name: 'my_event_name',
      params: {
        nps_rating: rating,
        message: message,
    }, '*');

Using this code, submit a form like you normally would: filling up attributes set in this form as well as sending an event with two parameters for NPS rating accompanied by opinion message.