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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Google Calendar Integration

This article will help you to set up connection between Google Calendar account and application

Google Calendar integration gives your users a super-easy and convenient way to schedule a call with one of your team-members.

Each agent will have a unique link, own timetable and types of calls.

Just within few clicks you will be able to connect your Google Calendar account and get notifications about a new call scheduled right via email. Also, there will be info in User's profile in application about time booked.

How to set up Google Calendar account in

  • Enter Agent's profile (top right corner of the panel).
  • Go straight to My Calendar section.

  • You are entering Appointment page.

  • Now you need to connect your Google Calendar account with our app. Let's go with "Connect" button and log in to Google account you want to be assigned with

Please, allow our platform to "See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar".

  • After that you will be redirected back to application to Calendar Settings view. Fill the fields and choose the settings of your timetable like days of week and time period that should be available for calls. Then go straight with "Save Settings".

  • Congrats! You have set your Calendar account in! Now you see the page where your planned meetings/calls will be visible. On top of that page you can find unique link that needs to be sent to your users to let them book time in your schedule. You can later paste it into your chat messages or emails.

How to set Meeting types?

Each agent in your team has his/her own role. According to that your colleagues can have different types of calls. E.g.: "Demo", "Onboarding" or "Assistance", ect..

  • Go to Agent's profile, then to My Calendar and find the "Meeting Types" button in top right corner.

  • Perfect, after you click the button you will see predefined types. You can delete them if you want and create new ones.

How does user see my Calendar?

When you send a unique link (that can be found in Agent's profile > My Calendar on top of the page) to your user he/she sees customized page with date&time available in your timetable.

Events created via Google Calendar

Once your user clicks on the link to your Google Calendar, you will be able to see in his timeline following events:

  • after choosing the type of meeting (duration) - event named calendar_1st_step (no event attributes) is created
  • after choosing the date: July 5th for example, and click on submit - event named calendar_2nd_step (no event attributes) is created
  • after choosing the hour of the call, and click on submit - event calendar_3rd_step (no event attributes) is created
  • after passing Name, Last name, Companu name, Email and Description - event calendar_4th_step_submit is created with the attributes as shown below: