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Michael Wertenberg
Written by Michael Wertenberg

Chat heading, chat greeting, chat image, chat icon

Personalize your chat icon, headings, prompts, greetings, and image

Why adjust the chat communication?

Those short pieces of text will be the first thing your user will see before interacting with you on the chat.

Personalize your chat icon

Go to "Settings" -> "App Settings". Here you can adjust or change the chat widget icon; change the color and/or where it appears on the screen; upload or drag & drop an image into the box "Widget icon" for an even more personalized option.

Bear in mind, after saving your changes, you will need to go to your website to see the results. The chat widget icon on the bottom right of the page is our chat widget and not a preview icon.

Personalize your chat greeting

Go to "Settings" -> "App Settings". From the menu on the left, under Widget design, click Appearance & translations. Here, you can customize your chat widget.

App name: the name that will be displayed on the top of the chat widget in the conversation list view.

Widget heading: text displayed under App name. 

You can preview your choices by clicking on the arrow in the blue conversation header, highlighted in the screenshot below:

Scroll down to the box "Widget greeting" where you can personalize the initial message your user will see.

Personalize your chat image

The chat image is the same as the image you've selected for this app (web page) in To change it, simply got to the icon in the top right corner of any page of your app in (by default, a featureless face and the top of a blue shirt). Click on it then, from the drop-down menu, select either your name or "Settings". Click on the image above your app name to upload a new image.