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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

How to allow users to opt-in to multiple lists

Allow your users to subscribe to multiple lists at the same time


Let’s say, you need a way to allow users to opt-in to multiple lists at the same time. Of course you can do it with! Please, follow this simple brief tutorial.

Case study

You want to let your users subscribe to, let's say, 2 lists at the same time. To achieve your goal. firstly you have to create 2 custom attributes (boolean) and secondly, using Automation section, connect them with special lists.

How to create a new custom attribute

1. Please go to Settings > App settings > User data and events > Client attributes > Create.

2. Here, create attribute that has value type BOOLEAN. Do it for each list separately. So, for example:

  • attribute ‘Subscribe list 1’ ----> for List 1.
  • attribute ‘Subscribe list 2’ ---> for List 2, etc...

3. Then, you will be able to connect your checkbox with the attribute, while creating your form. More about creating forms here in this article.


4. After that, please create automation, separate for each list. You have to use Client’s Attribute Change Trigger -----> Add to list Action module, as shown below:

It's simple as that!

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