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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Creating a phone call campaign

How to make your first phone campaign


With Call Center module that is a part of, you can use the most effective way of communication: calling and receiving calls. You can schedule, record, and analyze both mass and individual calling campaigns or prepare scripts for your agents to follow in mass calling campaigns. You can also automate sending text messages.

Before you start

Make sure you have set up your Call Center correctly. If you didn't, read the article Setting the module Call Center first.

Note: Remember that the phone numbers of your users need to be set up according to the E.164 format. More about that here.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Campaign -> Call and click Create new.
  2. Fill out the form according to the descriptions and click Save.

Editing phone campaigns

To edit an existing phone campaign, go to its summary section and, in the top right corner, click Edit.


Once you've created your calling campaign, click its name on the campaign list and, from the menu on the left, click Schedule a call.

Note: To be able to schedule calls, you have to be the manager of that specific Call campaign.

Apply filters or select specific users and click Schedule.Once you've done this, you'll be able to see the call in the section Scheduled calls

When you click the button Call, you'll be redirected to the user's profile and have all the important information at hand. 

At the same time, a new window will appear. There, you'll be able to choose whether the call should be recorded or not and whether you want to use one of the previously created call forms. If you choose to record the call, you'll be able to access the recording in the section Call logs.

If you've chosen one of the forms, the questions will be displayed in the same window. If you want to change the form, click Reset.

When you're ready, click Make a call.

Campaign statistics

To review campaign statistics, simply click the appropriate phone campaign name and go to the section Statistics.

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