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Magda Piasecka
Written by Magda Piasecka

How to filter CRM Deals and Activities

It's important to keep everything organised and simple, especially your key deals and tasks.

Why use filtering

When your business is booming and dozens of leads are flowing into your system each day, it's easy to lose track of them all.

This is why we enable you to filter through your activities and deals.

Simply go to the relevant section in the CRM module and use the dropdown lists on the top bar. 


You can filter your deals by their:

  • Lead Owner
  • Pipeline Stage
  • Status: Won / Lost / In progress
  • Nurturing status: Overdue, Recently finished, Planned, No scheduled (It notifies you if you keep up with the scheduled nurturing process.)


  • The agent assigned
  • Scheduled time of the activity
  • Execution status
  • Type of activity