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Lech Gorlewicz
Written by Lech Gorlewicz

How to manage columns in the People Section

Decide what information should be displayed in columns

How to manage columns

The first page you see after creaiting your app is the People Section, where you can find all users you have on your website and information about them.

Here you can see the list of all users sorted by how recently they have been active on your website. Each contact may contain multiple attributes.

Each of them is displayed in a different column. For example: Email, First seen and many more. These are standard attributes. You can also create own Custom Attributes.

Default user attributes:

  • e-mail

  • first name

  • last name

  • first seen

  • last seen

  • referrer

  • page views

  • browser language

  • city

  • country

  • OS

  • browser family

  • timezone

  • screen resolution

  • IP address

There might be a plenty of different attributes-columns. You can select them and decide to hide or show them. To do that, click on the Select columns button on the top left part of the screen.

The modal where you select the columns.