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Grzegorz Kacperski
Written by Grzegorz Kacperski

Integration with Aircall

Learn how to store information about phone calls in app

Information about calls on the timelines

If you need to store information about phone calls with your clients, there is nothing stopping you from using integration with the Aircall application, which will allow you to save information about the call on the user's timeline along with information about whether it is::

  • outgoing

  • incoming


  • caller's number

  • number of the person receiving the call

  • duration

  • recording the call
    (the recording is available as long as it is available on aircall)

and also saves tags and notes added to the call.

It looks like the example below:

(add. remember that for the entries on the timeline to be visible, you must select the appropriate options "AirCall Phone Call" and "AirCall Note")
In the Aircall app

After completing the configuration of the Aircall account, during which, we have assigned a given phone numbers to specific agents or group of agents and indicated who should receive incoming calls, go to the Integrations & API view (Integrations & API > API keys) and generate an API key or use one of the already existing:

In the app

Then in application, in the Setup & Integrations view (/v2/integrations/), after clicking on the element with the Aircall logo, you must enter the API ID and API Token in the appropriate inputs in displayed form and then confirm by clicking Confirm

From this moment, the integration is active and to disable it, it is necessary to remove the previously mentioned ID and token. To make and receive calls, you need to install an application - a dialer (the application is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS). Download link: