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Michał Korba
Written by Michał Korba

Marketing Automation Course

How to implement marketing automation tools in your company and how to use them


In this course, you'll learn about implementing various MA tools for your business. We'll get you through the process of creating the right meeting script and preparing documents, which are obligatory for your company to fill out during this process.

Part 1. How does marketing automation work?

  • Who is this course for?
  • What will you learn?

  • Advantages for your company
  • Example cases 

  • How to implement (any) marketing automation tool
  • Types of MA systems

  • Implementation roadblocks - introduction

Part 2. How to overcome implementation roadblocks and manage the process of implementing MA in your company: a step-by-step guide 

  • Organizing the first meeting

  • Meeting presentation template

  • Selecting the system & how to present your arguments

  • Implementation methods (Tag Manager, Script, Plugin)

  • The structure of the team that should work on implementing a marketing automation system

  • How long will it take to implement the tool? Timeline

  • Meeting summary: allocating resources & more

Part 3. The implementation process

  • The basics of what Google Tag Manager is and how to implement Marketing Automation using this tool

  • A step-by-step guide on implementing using Google Tag Manager

  • What are events and how to trigger them using GTM

  • Implementing GTM tags that will scan website forms and send data to

  • GTM implementation summary

Part 4. Enhanced eCommerce

  • What enhanced eCommerce is, how it works, and how to integrate it with GTM

  • Connecting your Enhanced Ecommerce dataLayer events with

  • Integrating with WooCommerce via a special dataLayer plugin and GTM

  • Integrating with your website using custom script

Part 5. Inside the app

  • How to set up basic elements of the account before starting to use it

  • How to manage your data inside (user accounts, search by attributes, importing users, and more)

Part 6. app features

  • Automations - how to automate sales, marketing, and customer support processes

  • The most common automations - examples

  • How to use chat to talk with your customers and send automated messages

  • Campaigns and HTML blocks

  • How to use CRM to create and edit deals, activities, and pipelines

  • Documentation setup: how to create and manage your knowledge base

Part 7. Automation Documentation

  • The kind of documentation you need in order to implement

  • Custom attributes & Lists: how to organize your database

  • Filling out the documents that regulate the work of each department

Part 8. Buyer personas

  • Targeting the automations: create buyer personas for your business

  • Marketing Automation Brainstorm: ideas of marketing automation that you could implement in your business

  • Marketing Automation Brainstorm: sales automations

  • Support Automation Brainstorm: automating your customer support 

  • Course summary