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Dawid Tyburek
Written by Dawid Tyburek

Module guide: Send web notification to Agent

Learn how to notify your Agents in their browsers

Time is of the essence, always. Learn how to catch those Hot Leads the very moment they register on your site or be first to respond to a new Ticket. You can do it with Send a web to notification module!

How it works

This module will send a predefined notification in a form of a web push to let your Agent know instantly that he should be paying attention to the app. After the trigger of you choice, you can send this notification to an Agent or a Group.

Subject - Here will be the subject of the message shown to your Agents

Message - you can specify content of the message, even using snippet tags to render content dynamically

URL - here you provide url to which Agent will be redirected when the notification is clicked

Use assigned to field - if ON it will check if the user is assigned to specified agent

Agent group - here you can choose who will receive the notification

Use case

This module will be very useful to catch leads who just registered on your website, when a customer adds a valuable item to the cart or when someone would need an immediate help. Take a look at the automation below:

  1. New user is created - maybe new lead
  2. Filter check for attributes of your choice, for example if new user has an email or has a company size of specified value
  3. Then automation creates a deal assigned to the new user
  4. Your Agent receives immediate notification and when clicked, it will redirect straight to the deal!
  5. Play around with various scenarios to see how this module can be useful for your team.

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