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Przemek Bednarek
Written by Przemek Bednarek

Pipedrive importer

See how easy it is to import data from Pipedrive

Important note

Please note, that this option may be blocked/changed due to the fact this is third-party integration. The integration is not dependent only on If you have any problems, please contact Customer Support via chat.

In your Pipedrive app

  1. Find your API Token - read this article.
  2. Find your company domain - read this article.

In your app

  1. Go to "Settings" -> "Importers". In the bottom right, choose "Pipedrive" and click Create new
  2. Paste your token and domain name in the appropriate fields and click Save changes
  3. Click the gear icon on the right and choose Import data.

Where you can look for effects

  1. Go to "Sales" -> "Deals", click the button, "Pipeline", and in the drop-down menu you should see a new option called Pipeline_pipedrive
  2. Go to "Data" -> "People" and you should see new users in your database with a User ID like "__pipedrive__1".