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Dawid Tyburek
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ID for users, companies, and deals

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What’s User ID and what function does it serve?

User ID is the main identifier of a unique user in the app. While different users can have the same name, email address, or phone number, they cannot have the same user ID as each of the users have an unique identifier.

User ID is a standard attribute with an default empty value - you need to enter its value manually, import it or transfer it from your database. User ID can include numbers, letters, and special characters. Email can be used as User ID as well, but we don’t recommend this, for security reasons.

Basically, the User ID helps with identifying unique users even if they have the same name, use the same device or have different profiles for the same email address. User ID helps you avoid duplicates in your database.

Note: In case you did not enter any value for User ID, each user will be identified by the browser cookies. will create a new profile each time the browser has different cookies.

What’s Company ID and what function does it serve?

Company ID lets you connect every single user with the company they work for.

You can also include "Custom attributes" for every company employee such as registration number, corporate bank account details, etc. The results will be displayed in the columns in the section "People" and in the tab "Companies".

If you want your users to be assigned to specific companies automatically upon import, you need to access the column "company_id" and enter the correct IDs there. After import, they will be changed to "Company name" in the user’s profile.

If you add this option, only people with the same email domain will be assigned to a given company - it won't work for people with generic email domains (like Gmail or Yahoo). 

For further information about auto-assigning users to companies, read this article.

Deal ID

Deal ID is an optional ID of the given deal, necessary for communication through REST API.

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