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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Free plan in

Find out what's inside our Free plan!

What is Free Plan?

We are super happy to introduce our new Free plan!

Free Plan is a part of our new Pricing that will be available from October 16th, 2019. Current clients will stay on the old pricing option, but they can switch to the new pricing anytime. However, have in mind that after switching to new pricing, there will be no option to return to the old one.

Our new Free plan gives you entirely free access to:

  • Chat - with up to 60 days of history. Our chat tool is easy to use and has plenty of advanced features inside - surely more than your current chat widget!
  • CRM - up to 2000 contacts. It gives you a clear view of your pipeline and many tools to automate your sales processes.
  • Google Calendar integration - No need to send emails back and forth just to schedule meetings, you can do it all from inside the calendar. You can also make calls happen from inside the app.
  • Web pushes - up to 2k subscribers. Take advantage of the new and effective channel of communication that lets you increase traffic at no cost and make sure that your visitors come back.
  • Knowledge Base - think of it as your digital library. Gather all the things your company knows in one place and make it accessible both to your team and customers.
  • Ticketing System

If you are interested in any other module (like Automations, Email marketing, Analytics, etc.), you can purchase it any time.

Note: Free plan does not include tracking page views and events.

How does it work?

All of the new applications will start on the Free Plan. You can also opt for a 2-weeks Trial period where all features are available without limits. After the Trial period expires, you can choose to return to Free plan or to purchase a subscription plan you are interested in. For more info about our pricing, please visit this page.

Note: The application parts that are not included in Free plan, will show you a “curtain” explaining this module features. If you want to use those features, you can find a “Start Free Trial” button below - you can test it entirely free for 2-weeks Trial period.

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