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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Twilio pricing

Learn about Call Center pricing in

Twilio integration

With, you can use the most effective means of communication: call and receive calls straight from our app as well as automate sending text messages. You can schedule, record, and analyze both mass and single-recipient calling campaigns or prepare scripts for your agents to follow. lets you make phone calls and send SMS thanks to integration with Twilio. We do it automatically for you; all you need to do is buy a number, as explained in this article.

Have in mind that "Call Centre" is not available during your free trial, and you need to add a credit card to be able to make phone calls.


The fees are charged by Twilio, and we add +50% commission for (both for outgoing and incoming SMS messages). For information on Twilio pricing options, check those links:

Remember to pick the correct country.

Note: You won't be able to send the SMS campaign if you don't have call centre budget in amount of number of recipients * $0.05 - so for example if you want to send a campaign to 2k users, you need to have in your budget at least 2 000 * $0.05, which equals to 100 USD.

Note 2: When call centre budget drops below 0, we will make a payment to top it up to 50 USD, so if an app has -1 USD in their budget we will charge them 51 USD.

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