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Michał Brożyna
Written by Michał Brożyna Segment integration

How to connect with Segment.

Getting Started

To enable sending data to, you need to provide your Segment API key. To create and revoke secret Segment keys for your app, go to App settings > Advanced > Segment API keys.

Once you insert the key in your segment account, the whole integration will be ready. 

How it works

Our Segment integration will provide user tracking, event tracking and user attribute collection without the need to implement tags separately.

Important: is sending user_id for each record - which means it makes each user a contact to pay for. To avoid being billed for users who would be anonymous if not for the user_id, you have to manually remove the user_id from them before your subscription is renewed.

Please note that after removing user_id, the user will no longer be recognized if he visits your website again. In this case, another user will be created


403 Forbidden HTTP code

Verify that the API key you're using in Segment is not revoked by going to App settings > Advanced > Segment API keys.

If the problem persists, verify that the request is from a trusted domain. You can edit domains you trust by going to App settings > Advanced > Domains.