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Grzegorz Górski
Written by Grzegorz Górski

Benefits of CRM

Maintain good relations with key customers through CRM: Customer Relationship Management

The basics

Marketing automation will nurture the leads in the early stage, score them, gather data about them, and increase their engagement. But when the lead is ready to buy, this is where CRM comes into play.

Why I need it?

Technology is evolving fast, but some things still can’t be automated. So contact with your sales reps is sometimes essential. The problem is, their time is limited. That's why you should make sure that instead of wasting time on mundane tasks or calling uninterested clients, the sales team calls people who are almost ready to buy but need a final personal touch.

CRM also helps you to manage the sales funnel more effectively - you can quickly move the deals between sales funnel steps and get all information connected with them in their deal profiles. Everything that has been done in order the close the deal (meetings, calls, or emails) are also stored in one, easily accessible place - no more chaos in your data. You can also connect your Google calendar to the CRM tool to keep everything handy and organized.

What can CRM do for you?

A good CRM tool can help you with many, many things:

  1. All interactions with your customers are recorded and then safely stored inside the CRM database, with every team member having immediate access to it. The CRM system also can create analytical data based on the interactions and present it in a clear way to you. No need to ask every single sales rep how are they doing, you have all the data you need on your dashboard!
  2. By having all the analytical data and statistical data on your dash, you can quickly notice in what helps you in gaining new customers and what actions leave a room for improvement.
  3. Every member of your sales team has access to the database with data on your new and existing customers. Even if they didn't talk with the customer earlier, they could quickly look up with what issue the customer was calling earlier and what is his experience with the company. The more you know your customers, the more your clients know you care about them.
  4. With a CRM system, you can automate lead tracking, scoring and nurturing. Not only your save your team members valuable time, but you will also have comparable results since the scoring and nurturing isn't done on „gut feeling” anymore.
  5. All facts about your customers can be safely stored and organized in the system – you can access the data from any computer. No risk of losing the data because of hard disk crash or because of accidental delete of „that one file.”
  6. You no longer need to share relevant news with your team by email or by going to every single team member – all information added to the system are immediately visible to your sales rep. There's also no risk of accidentally sending wrong reports to wrong people or sales reps misunderstanding the guidelines.
  7. Most of the sales task can be quickly and easily done using tools inside the CRM – and all of them are in one place!
  8. You are saving time that you previously spent on checking on your sales rep or manually doing lead tracking, nurturing and scoring.
  9. You can learn of and solve your sales team issue much faster and much more efficiently.
  10. CRM tools can be integrated with several other important for marketers tools - marketing automation, email systems or social network accounts and import the data from those tools into the system. No need to add the same data several times into different tools!

Want to know more about CRM?

See this documentation category.

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