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Michael Wertenberg
Written by Michael Wertenberg

Benefits of CRM

Maintain good relations with key customers through CRM: Customer Relationship Management

The basics

Marketing automation will nurture the leads in the early stage, score them, gather data about them, and increase their engagement. But when the lead is ready to buy, this is where CRM comes into play.

Why I need this

Technology is evolving fast, but some things simply can’t be automated. When the stakes are high, there is nothing like old-fashioned human interaction. The problem is: time is limited. That's why you have to make the most of it by ensuring that your sales team only talks with the right people: those who are almost ready to buy but need a final personal touch.

What you can do with it

CRM lets you:

  1. Get a quick view of where your lead is in the sales pipeline
  2. Add new nurturing tasks the deal requires
  3. Gather information about each company and lead so as to personalize your approach
  4. Schedule your activities and get notifications when they become overdue
  5. Easily manage your team’s progress

The way you treat new leads depends on your business type, but remember the rule of the three Ps (I just made it up): preparation, personalization, and patience.

  • Preparation: Create a structure of important user sales-rep interactions with perfect emails for all occasions. Remember to leave space for manual personalization of each message.
  • Personalization: Make sure your user knows that the email is not an automatic response. Refer to recent events or ask about something pertaining to that user specifically.
  • Patience. When it comes to the pipeline, it all comes down to numbers. You will get a certain conversion rate and you mustn't be discouraged by lack of response. Always follow up several times before marking the deal as lost.

Want to know more about CRM?

See this documentation category.

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