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Maciej Rzadkowski
Written by Maciej Rzadkowski

Where are my app statistics?

Use an analytical approach and check your progress is not only about collecting data, but also analytics. You can quickly check your progress and the activities of visitors and agents.

Go to "Analytics" -> "Statistics".

Here, you can find statistics on "Registrations", "Conversations", "Visits", "Segments", and "Tags". Let's go through them!


Provides two types of data:

  • Total number of registrations (This line graph shows how many registrations you get per user and per company)
  • Daily registrations (This bar chart presents registrations per days of the week in a percentage)


Provides data about your agents’ success and the activities in the app in three different graphs:

  • Number of open conversations (a line showing the open conversations per day)
  • Number of messages per agent (a chart showing how many messages each agent has sent)
  • Time response per agent (a graph showing the speed of your agents)

All statistics on your users' visits to your website are displayed in "Page views".

  • Active Users (number of active users per day/week/month)
  • Active Companies (number of active companies per day/week/month)
  • Number of total visits
  • Number of unique visits
  • Number of average visits

Segments and Tags

  • Users for each segment (statistics on one or several segments)
  • Companies for each segment (information on the number of companies for each segment)
  • Users for each tag
  • Companies for each tag

Monitor all the statistics gathered for you to adjust and improve your strategy!