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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Module guide: Change score Action

Score your users automatically

What does it do?

Set up automatic lead scoring when a visitor, user or customer performs a particular action(s). Attributing points to them is a great way to measure the level of engagement on your website.

How to use it

Inside the module, you decide if you want to add or deduct a particular number of points when something is done by your users.

Case Study

Start the action path with the Event Trigger (ebook_download). So, whenever somebody clicks “download an ebook” the action will start. To check if you have an email address for this person, go to Filters → Email: unknown. In this situation, Action: Show a form (choose the form to ask for email). Give the person 30 seconds to submit the form (connect it with Action: Delay) and after that time, Condition: Submitted form?

Now, if the person has submitted the form “yes” → add Action: Change Score (for example, add 3 points). However, if the person hasn’t submitted the form, connect the node “no” with Action: Change Score (subtract 2 points).

This way, you can score your users based on their activities on your website. Of course, somebody who has performed multiple events will get more points. You can check if a person who downloads an ebook also visits your pricing → if yes, add 4 points; if no - only 3 points. The scale is up to you!

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