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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Module guide: Pop-up Submitted Condition

Check who has submitted your form

What does it do?

Use the condition "Form submitted?" when you want to automate the path depending on if the user provides this information or not. Note: for a positive answer, you can always use the "on submit" option in the Show Pop-up Action module.

Automate processes, such as Send a chat message only to those who have not submitted a form, to encourage them to provide information.

How does it work?

Simply, choose the form you need from the dropdown list and connect the module end "yes" or "no" to the next action.

Case study

Let's start with Page Visit Trigger. Next, use Filters: email - unknown; pageviews - 1.

Now it's time to show the form (Show a Pop-up) with a request asking to enter the email address. You want to send a welcome campaign to each person who filled out the form. Combine the action module: Send an email campaign with "on submit".

However, “on show” will be bound to a Delay, for example: 30 seconds (the time given for your users to fill out the form). After that time, the app will check if the form has been submitted thanks to "Submitted Form Condition".

Next, select “no” and Action: Send a chat message: “Hi there! Are you sure you don’t want to become a part of our family at ?” Simply, connect the last chat message module to another Delay (5 seconds) and go with Action: Show a Pop-up with a special email field.

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