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Michał Brożyna
Written by Michał Brożyna

Module guide: Send a web push campaign

Create an automation to send web push notifications

What it does

This module sends a web push notification campaign.

Before you start

Before you can use this module and send web push campaigns, you need to set up the push notifications on your website. Also, have in mind that push notifications will not be sent to users who haven’t subscribed to your push channel.

How to use it

Select the web push campaign you want to send.There are four exit nodes you can use:

  • on sent - the moment the push notification is sent to the server
  • on received - the moment the push notification reaches the user’s browser
  • on opened - the moment the user clicks on the link in the notification
  • not subscribed - when the user is not subscribed to your push notifications

Case study

You are having a sale on last season's clothes. You want to let all your users know about this. One way is to send them a push notification. To boost your click-through rate, notify them about the category they're most likely to be interested in.

Use the module On date & time with filters to select users interested in a given product, for example, men's jackets. Then, attach the module Send a web push campaign and choose the proper notification campaign that will be adjusted to a previously defined group. In the end, you can add HTML block to change, for example, the title on the page so that it coincides with the notification. 

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