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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Activities for your agents

Create activities for the team members to keep their tasks tracked

What are activities?

Your team members from sales and support departments usually have a lot of tasks connected with the users.

Email a person, make a call, schedule a meeting, etc. All these activities are very important when it comes to team performance - that's why they can be managed and tracked right inside the application.

For the team it's also very convenient to have the activities been connected with the users, companies and deals. There can be a in-app or email notification about new and upcoming activities.

How to create a new activity?

There are several methods to create an activity within the application both in automated and manual ways.


  • User profile/company profile/deal profile
  • Chat panel
  • Activity section

In these places of the application you can create an activity for you or other agent manually. There is the following form to fill:

So, here you choose the type of activity and put the details about the task itself and user/company it relates to.

When you open an already created activity you have one more button - it's called "Copy". So, before finishing this activity you can create a copy of the existing task to follow-up communication with the user.


  • Automations

In Automations section you can find the action module called "Create an activity" which will help you to create an activity to one of the team members in a specific moment when the user does something specific on your side.

For example, when a new user registers an account - create an activity for sales representative to make a call or to write an email to potential client.

Notifications about activities

Of course, it's very important to be informed about your ongoing tasks. So, each agent gets a notification about activity. There are several conditions:

  • desktop notification: this notification pops up to the agent inside the app when there appears an activity assigned to him/her.

  • notification center: notification center informs the agent about a newly assigned activity and also shows a reminder about upcoming activity, this is the place where notifications are stored.

  • email notification: this type of notification will work only if the agent turns on this option in Settings of the Agent's profile. If email notifications are on then the agent can't be notified about a newly assigned activity and also get the reminder 5 minutes before the deadline of the activity.

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