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Maciej Rzadkowski
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CSV import troubleshooting

How to solve common .csv import problems


CSV import is the method that lets you import large amounts of data in a flash. Bear in mind that it also requires careful preparation of the file. In this article, you can read about the most common issues in importing CSV files and how to avoid them.

I’ve noticed only some/none of my contacts were imported to What should I do?

  • Description: You’re not sure what went wrong with import.
  • Solution: Go to "Settings" -> "Importers", and, in the upper right corner, click on the button "Import results". Click on the name of the file and scroll down to see in detail what went wrong with the selected import.

System rejected my file. What happened?

  • Description: If you have double commas or commas in irregular places or you are using unusual characters as separators, it may cause our system to reject the file.
  • Solution: Remember that the CSV file you’ve created in your editor, or exported from a database, should have values separated with a comma, semicolon, or tab. You can find out how this should look in our sample csv.

I got an error in Import results: ‘unsubscribed “”’ is not a valid boolean’.

  • Description: This attribute “Unsubscribed” has two values in our system, TRUE and FALSE, therefore it cannot be blank.
  • Solution: Change the values of your boolean attribute; it has to be TRUE or FALSE.

OK, I’ve got it. Or at least I thought so till I saw this error in Import results: ”assigned_to: This field may not be blank”.

  • Description: Attribute “Assigned to” is a fixed choice attribute, meaning their are predefined possibilities (the names of your agents or agent groups).
  • Solution: Set its values to be your agents IDs or names.

This is strange ‘Error Message’ is CSV import failed: Invalid data for import: last_name: Ensure this field has no more than 32 characters’. But the last name ‘Doe’ doesn’t have more than 32 characters.

  • Description: Sometimes there are some values left in your contact row and they don’t match any attributes. In this case, importer tries to merge both values as one. 
  • Solution: Don’t add values if they don’t correspond to an attribute. Check what the value is after "last_name" and if it has an attribute; if not, delete it.

I can’t match "Last seen" with the attribute from the list. What do I do now?

  • Description: You've given the attribute name and value the correct value type (datetime), but you can't find the matching one on the import list.
  • Solution: You want to update attribute "Last seen" which is not changeable. You can check which ones you can change here.

Remember that when a single attribute has the incorrect value, the whole row including this value will be discarded. If you don’t know which attribute you’ve had trouble with, you can find more info here. And if you don’t know what attribute "Value type" is, check this article.

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