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Maciej Rzadkowski
Written by Maciej Rzadkowski

Data collector troubleshooting

The most common problems and how to solve them


If "Data collector" is not working properly, make sure none of these common mistakes is present in your case:

  • CSS selector is not unique
  • Description: The CSS selector you pasted is not unique.
  • Solution: Add a specific class or ID to the element of your website to make it unique.
  • Data collector has no time to load
  • Description: In your automation, you're triggering "Data collector" with the same event that you're using to trigger data collection within "Data collector" and it doesn’t have time to activate before the action, e.g. redirecting to the next page.
  • Solution: Change the trigger in automation to "Page visit".
  • Wrong button type
  • Description: You have chosen “submit” as a trigger, and your button has no type=”submit”.
  • Solution: Change the trigger to "click" or add type=”submit” to your button.
  • Mouse leave trigger
  • Description: If you used "mouse leave" as the trigger, it will only work if the mouse was not inside the element when the data collector was activated.
  • Solution: Choose a different trigger.
  • Two data collectors
  • Description: You have 2 data collectors activated on the same page.
  • Solution: You may need to make a selection and use only one.

Still not working properly?

The module "Data collector" works well on websites where code is written properly, that is the case for the vast majority of websites. However, there are situations we cannot foresee and therefore cannot ensure appropriate functioning every time. You may encounter issues when:

  • there are multiple scripts that are not compatible with each other.
  • there is a different saving method than the default: HTML,
  • javascript methods are overridden.
  • fields in forms are separate, not creating a single structure.
  • the website is written with an old code.

If you have problems with data collectors we encourage you to try using Google Tag Manager. Learn more in this article.