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Grzegorz Kacperski
Written by Grzegorz Kacperski

Differences in the format of exported user data

List of changes after optimizing user export

The latest improvement in exporting users' data will be published soon

Optimization allowed us to accelerate exports by at least 10 times!

Before the changes are published, however, you should pay attention to the differences between the exported data:

  • Attributes of the Bool type instead of False/True values will have the values: f/t

  • DateTime attributes will be in ISO 8601 format (i.e. 2023-12-07 12:54:27.286579+00) instead of values in RFC 3339 format (i.e. 2023-12-07T12:54:08.142320Z)

  • JSON type attributes will be returned with correct quotation marks, i.e. they will be double (instead of single, as was the case before) and all quotation marks inside the key/value will be escaped correctly

  • Fixed Choice attributes will use different brackets ({} instead of []), while individual options will be in double quotes (instead of single quotes, as was the case before) or will not have them at all - when the value is a number or the attribute is a simple fixed choice

    • Fixed Choice - multiple

      • Before: ['some text', '2']

      • After: "{some text, 2}"

    • Fixed Choice - simple

      • Before: ['some text']

      • After: "{some text}"

    • If one of the options in the fixed choice attribute contains a comma, its value in the exported file will change as follows:

      • Before: ['some text, with comma']

      • After: "{""some text, with comma""}"