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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Editing ongoing automations

Learn how automation works

How it works

Our "Drag and Drop Editor" for automations is actually a visual programming editor. Automation is, essentially, a set of rules. Each user that falls into a specific scenario writes a rule(s), not the whole automation: a single module, one after the other, as the conditions are fulfilled.

Case study

What about the module, Delay?

Let’s say we have an automation: Tag Added > Delay (30 minutes) > Send an email campaign.

  • At 2:10 pm a tag was added.
  • At 2:15 pm you switched off the automation.

In the above automation, previously in the Send an email campaign, “Campaign A” was sent. You change it to “Campaign B”.

  • At 2:20 pm you turned on the automation.

Which campaign will be sent now?

The answer: “Campaign B”.

Basically, if you switch the campaigns in the module, Delay, the second campaign (after the change), “Campaign B”, will be sent.

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