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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

How do chat notifications for agents work?

Each agent can be notified about new chat messages coming in three different ways.

To provide your users with perfect customer support and not to miss a new chat message it is very important to set the notifications correctly.

To get to Notification Settings you need to click on your agent icon on top right corner of the panel and choose "Notifications". Here we are.

All the notifications are divided into 3 categories: desktop, mobile and email. Let's go deeper into every option.


After a new chat message is sent by user it is managed by a special task (might take few seconds). Then we order agent's browser to send him a desktop notification. It is displayed in one of screen corners, depending on browser settings. If agent blocks JavaScript for some reason, then notification will not be displayed.

Also, agent needs to be logged in to and have at least one tab with opened. Agent does not have to allow those messages inside the browser settings - in fact they are not WebPush notifications, but they just look similar. Although desktop notifications need to be turned on in Notification settings panel.


There is a pretty similar situation with mobile notifications. After a new chat message is sent, there comes a signal. It checks if this new message has been already read by any agent and assures it was sent by client. Then the system orders a task to get all agents, that should be notified by mobile push notification. We use two providers for this, that are: ‘APNS' and ‘GCM' . No matter how long the message is we cut it up to 500 chars. If the agent receives a mobile notification about unread message it will not change the message state - it will remain unread.


To enable this option the agent needs to have two modes in Notifications section turned on: Classic (‘On conversations…: Email’) and ‘Remind me about unread chat messages by email‘.

We check unread messages every 5 minutes.

How does the system identify which conversation to notify about?

We mark conversations as read by agent assigned to this specific conversation. If conversation is unassigned and one of the agents reads the message ,then the notification will be sent as well.

Example: if we have 2 agents (Z, X) and one of them (X) reads the message from the conversation assigned to other agent (Z), agent Z will receive email notification.

After sending the email conversation is mark as read.

The agent can decide whether he/she wants to get notifications about all chat messages coming or only the one she/he is responsible for. Also, there is an option to get notified about unassigned conversations.