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Michał Korba
Written by Michał Korba

How is price calculated?

Monthly payments are calculated based on the number of users you have, emails sent, and action points performed.

Payment model is available in a subscription model with monthly payments calculated on the basis of the number of contacts you have in your database and the number of emails sent.*

Who is a Contact?

We define your user or active visitor as a contact. So, you are paying for:

  • users with email addresses;
  • users with phone numbers;
  • users with user_id (more about user_id here);
  • visitors who contacted you via chat.

To check the current number of contacts you have, go to "Settings" -> "App Settings" -> "Additional" -> "Database size".

Once your contact base grows beyond your current range limit, you will automatically jump to the next range limit.

How many emails can I send?

Email Marketing product includes specific number of emails available. This amount is 4 times greater than the number of contacts you are paying for. Once the limit has been reached, you won't be able to send more emails.

Your email quota is updated each month along with refreshing your subscription status.

In order to have more emails under your subscription, please, contact our support team via chat - our agents will provide you with all possible options.

When are these numbers calculated?

Each of these numbers is calculated at the moment of the recurring monthly payment.

So, the system automatically charges you each month the same date.

Example: if you purchase subscription July 12, next billing date will be August 12, ect..

What if I want to purchase a long-term subscription?

As you can see on our pricing page we offer you a long term subscription for lower price. Available options are:

  • quarter subscription;
  • semi-annual subscription;
  • annual subscription.

During the first purchase you define the number of contacts you are going to pay for. Each month system will check whether you exceeded your contact limit. If so, the system will charge you for additional number of contacts you have.

Remember! After your long-term subscription ends you will be automatically moved to standard monthly subscription unless you purchase new long-term plan.


*Please, remember that payment for the first month is taken as a minimum price of your subscription.

Example: first month you paid for 500 contacts, next month you have only 250 contacts in database - the price won't decrease, cause the minimum quota is set for 500 contacts.

To negotiate on new minimum price, please, contact our sales team via chat.

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