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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

How is my price calculated?

Monthly payments are calculated based on the number of users you have, emails sent, and action points performed.

Payment model works on a SaaS-model of billing. You can pick a recurring monthly subscription plans or you can select a quarter, semi-annual or annual option (with the longer plans, you can count on getting a special discount!). The price is calculated on the basis of the number of contacts you have in your database, number of products added and the number of emails sent.

Who is a Contact?

A contact is a person you have in your database who has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • users with email addresses;
  • users with phone numbers;
  • users with user_id (more about user_id here);
  • visitors who contacted you via chat;
  • users with web push subscription;
  • users of your mobile app (those who have the FCM key).

If any one of these conditions is met, this person is considered as a contact and you will be charged for this visitor/user.

To check the current number of contacts you have, go to "Settings" -> "App Settings" -> "Additional" -> "Database size".

Once your contact base grows beyond your current range limit, you will be automatically moved to the next range limit. During your first purchase, you have to define the number of contacts you are going to pay for. Every month our system will check whether you exceeded your contact limit and if so, the system will charge you for additional number of contacts you have.

Also, remember that your first payment in the system is considered as your "minimum price" - while your price might increase or decrease depending on the amount of contacts and chosen products, it cannot be lower than the price on your first invoice.

How many emails can I send?

With our email marketing tool, you can send 4 times more emails than the number of contacts you paid for. Once the limit has been reached, you won't be able to send more emails.Your email quota is updated each month along with your subscription status.

If you need to have more emails than your current subscription allows for, please contact our support team - they will give you all possible options for increasing the amount of your emails.

How and when is the price calculated each month?

Your subscription is prolonged automatically each month on the same day you started your first subscription plan (so for example, if you purchased the subscription on July 12, next billing date will be August 12.) The system counts the number of contacts in your database plus charges you for the products you have chosen.

If there will be any problems with payment, you will be notified by a pop-up appearing in your panel. You will not get a notification before we attempt to collect the payment.

What if I want to purchase a longer-term subscription?

In our pricing plan, there are three long-term subscription options available:

  • quarter subscription;
  • semi-annual subscription;
  • annual subscription.

You are making an upfront payment for the plan you chose. If the number of contacts grows beyond the one you declared in your payment, you will get the rebalance invoice for additional contacts.

When picking the longer plans, you can count on getting a special discount - you can ask our support team for those.

Remember! After your long-term subscription ends you will be automatically moved to standard monthly subscription unless you purchase new long-term plan.

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