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Michael Wertenberg
Written by Michael Wertenberg


Detailed view of the first place for communication


Here is what the page, Conversations, looks like:

Message editing field

You can see the message editing field beneath the chat thread. This is where you write your messages.

The first of the two small icons on the bottom right of the field allows you to create Default replies. (Learn more here.) The button on the left side, Note, allows you to add a note to the user profile.

Filtering chats

By state

On the top left, next to the field, Search conversation, you have a drop-down menu that lets you filter what conversations you see in the window:

  • All - no conversations are filtered out
  • Active - displays only ongoing conversations 
  • Closed - displays only conversations where questions were answered and problems resolved
  • Automated - displays only conversations containing messages you've sent automatically

By assigned agent

Conversations are either unassigned, assigned to a group of agents, or assigned to a particular agent. To find the ones assigned to the right party, use the buttons on the top of the chat panel.

User profile

The whole right bar is devoted to the user you are having a conversation with. It starts from a picture (if one's been added) and the name of the user.

If there is no name provided, you will see the name automatically generated by the system. It consists of the following: random adj + random noun + place where the user is writing from.

For example: Pink Wall from New York

Under the profile picture, there are user Tags and user "Attributes".