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Fania Marte
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How to add new companies

List of methods you can use to add companies to your database


A company is a separate element in your database. It can contain all sorts of information about a legal entity, including its employees, activities performed, and more. It helps you organize information about your partners and prospects.

When creating a company, you can set up a number of attributes for it. We recommend including as many details about a business as possible as it will make selling easier.

How to add a single company

  1. To add a single company to your database, go to Data -> Companies and click on the button Add a company.
  2. Fill out the form in the pop-up that appears.

Note about the attribute “Company ID”: To let you connect every single user with the company the person works for, we've created an identifying attribute "Company ID", which can be used during import. If you want your users to be assigned to specific companies automatically upon import, you need to access the column "company_id" and enter the correct IDs there. Upon import, it will be changed to "Company name" in the user’s profile.

Adding companies in bulk - CSV import

If you want to send your data to using the CSV option, please prepare the CSV file.

Go to "Settings" -> "Importers". Click on “Import companies”. You should have the file with the names of companies and their details prepared beforehand.Follow the instruction on how to import a CSV file here.

Also, for information about auto-assigning users to companies, you can read about that here. If you activate the option, "Auto assign users to companies", users with the same email domain will be assigned to a given company. will only apply this to people without generic email domains (like gmail).

Example: A new user comes to your website and submits an email address: in a form. Automatically, a new company called 'Microsoft' is created to which the user is then assigned.

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