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Michael Wertenberg
Written by Michael Wertenberg

How to filter users

Find the users you are really looking for

Why filter users?

In order to manage your users, you need to be able to find the ones with given attributes. You can do this by filtering your user base.

How to filter users

1. As soon as you enter the section, "People", you'll see a small filter icon on the right of the window. You can hide it or show it by clicking on it.

2. In the tab, you can see the list of all Standard attributes and Custom attributes, Events, Deals, etc. that are available in your database.

3. Choose the Logic attribute "AND" or "OR":

  • AND - find all contacts that have all of the following attributes, events etc. 
  • OR - find all contacts that have at least one of the following attributes, events etc.

4. Choose certain attributes by clicking the checkbox next to their names.

5. Choose logical expressions associated with the property (exactly, contains, etc.).

6. Type in the value (e.g. “New York”).

7. Click Search.

8. If you want to see users who are from two different cities, click the button "Add filter".

9. Specify the logical expression between these two cities as Or and type the name of the second city.

If you frequently filter users in the same way, go ahead and save this filter as a user segment. To do this, simply click the button at the bottom labelled "+".

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