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Marzena Wojnowska
Written by Marzena Wojnowska

Make the chat visible only to specific users

Using the 'conditionally visible' widget state, you can make chat visible or hidden for specific groups of users

Conditionally visible widget state gives you the possibility to decide which users on your website can see the chat widget. You can make the chat visible to only VIP customers or to those who have visited a specific URL, for example: pricing page.

Where to set this configuration

To activate this feature go to Settings ->Chat widget settings -> Widget visibility

Click the box labelled, Widget state. From the drop-down menu that appears, select conditionally visible.

How to define it for users

In Filters, there is a standard attribute called Widget visibility. If you've switch on the "conditionally visible" option in "Widget state" then the chat widget will become invisible to all users except those who have their value, Widget visibility, set to Widget is visible.

How to divide users into two groups

There are several options for defining which users see the chat.

Manual update

You can find your users in Data -> People. Click on a given user to see their profile. From the three-bar menu select icon (show with an arrow in the screenshot below), select "Update". At the bottom of the pop-up window that will appear, click on "Show all user attributes". Scroll down to Widget visibility where you can select either Widget is visible or Widget is not visible for this specific user.

Update in bulk

Changing the widget visibility attribute is possible for a few or many users at the same time.

To filter users in the People section by required conditions: e.g. 'purchase value' or a particular tag, go to Data -> People and in the top right corner select Manage -> Update users. In "Select a field", click for the drop-down menu then scroll to the bottom and select "widget_visibility" where you'll be able to select either "Widget is visible" or "Widget is not visible" for a group of users.

Update in Automations

If you want to decide on a chat visibility for your users based on their behavior, use an automation to update the field "Widget visibility".

For example, you want to make chat visible only to users who have made four purchases over $X on your website. Thus, you can provide support only for VIP customers.

Go to "Automations" -> "Create automation" and decide on a trigger. (It can be 'Event Trigger'.) Then, filter the user by event 'purchase' and attribute 'total price'. If the user meets all the conditions, select "Update an attribute" and select the "Widget visibility" attribute from the list. Next, choose the value "Widget is visible". Now, only VIP users will be able to see the chat.

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