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Arkadiusz Wiśniewski
Written by Arkadiusz Wiśniewski

How to see users who are currently online?

Sometimes you may want to see who is currently online in order to engage them personally.

How do we track "online status"

Each time user opens some webpage where tracking widget is implemented, automatically:

  • fire new pagehit on user's timeline

  • update "page views" attribute (total number of pageviews, integer)

  • update "URL" attribute (current URL, string)

  • update "last seen" attribute (time of last pagehit, datetime)

How do we check"online status"

Easiest way is just to check for the users with most recent "last seen" value.

  • go to data > people section

  • the users are filtered by default from the most recent "last seen" value to the oldest/unknown

  • those with "few seconds ago" are most probably online

It's important to note that we cannot say that those users are definetely online in the very moment. We know that they have loaded some page few seconds ago, which means that most probably they have it still open.

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