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Michael Wertenberg
Written by Michael Wertenberg

How to send an email to a single user

Send a simple email to one person

Why send an email to a single user?

In most cases, you will use to send emails either in bulk or automatically. However, sometimes, you may want to contact a single user. In such instances, there is no point in creating an entire email campaign. Here is a better way:

How to send an email to a single user

There are several ways to send a quick email to a single user or group of users.

1. Using the section People

  • Filter your users to find those that you want to message.
  • Click on "Send a message".
  • Choose "Email".

2. Through the user profile

  • Go to the user profile and simply click "Send email".

3. Through chat

  • If you send a chat message to a user who is not online, the message will be sent as an email (providing that the user has submitted his or her email address).

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