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Marzena Wojnowska
Written by Marzena Wojnowska

How to use default replies

Create the most popular answers and save time with predefined messages

Why use default replies?

80% of the questions you will receive have already been answered at least once. In such cases, you can either respond with a documentation link or use one of your default responses.

How to create a new default reply? Go to Inbox. At the bottom of the screen, on the left, click the icon (star) Default replies.

A new window will open, next, go to Create new.

Here you can create your own default replies.

How to access default replies

To take advantage of your default replies, you simply have to type in a hashtag (#) using the keyboard combination Shift+3. It's a keyboard's shortcut for opening a window with Default replies. Start typing any keywords (beginning of a default reply or its title) in a Search box. After finding the proper answer, click it, on the left side menu, and it will appear in the Message box.

It will save the time of responding and help you to assist more people in a short time period :)