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Maciej Rzadkowski
Written by Maciej Rzadkowski

Introduction to Chatbot

Meet our Chatbot

What is Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a set of chat modules that can help you a lot in your daily customer support work. A chatbot will ask questions to a visitor and based on their answers, he can start a specific process (like sending a free ebook). He can also answer simple and repetitive questions when your agents are all away.

What can I do with it?

Imagine that somebody visits your site when none of your agents are working. You could set an auto-responder or you can give your users the feeling of interacting with a real being. Even if the agents are all away, a Chatbot can ask your customers what they need and respond to their needs. How?

Chatbot has two simply modules that help you with the above, those are Bot message and Answer condition. You can find these two modules in "Automations" and using them, you can create a database of questions, conditions, and answers for the Chatbot. You can also combine all other modules with it too.

How to set it up

After starting the Chatbot, it is added to your list of agents - you can see it on the list. To configure it, go to Settings -> App Settings -> Chat -> Chatbot.

Here you will have a few options:

Bot name - Pick a name for your new agent.

Bot title - This will be displayed under "Name" in the message window.

Avatar - Give Chatbot physical characteristics.

Of course, have in mind that chatbot can only answer predefined questions - chatbots have not passed the Turing test ... yet. So they aren't good at all at helping customers with complicated issues. But if you need a help with generating leads or answering simple, repetitive questions, chatbot will be very useful.