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Dawid Tyburek
Written by Dawid Tyburek

Module Guide: New User trigger

Learn how to automate actions after new user is created

One of the most important events in online business is gathering new users. See how to automate the process after gathering a new one!

In the beggining

This module triggers the Automation when new user appears in the Data -> People. Source of this user is not relevant.

Remember! Anonymous user can also be counted as a new user. This rule applies to any new records seen in the Data > People section.

How to use

Simply Drag&Drop it on the workfield, there is no need to configure it.

Clicking on the module will let you access quick help.

Use case

Let's say you want to greet every new user with a personalised email message and create a new Deal. Easy! Just Drag&Drop the trigger, add a Delay of your choice and a module Send an Email campaign together with Create a Deal. You can add any action of your choice after the trigger to make the beginning of the customer journey special.

Remember that if you want to make sure emails will be sent only to users with an email address you can add a Filter after the Delay, filtering through attribute Eamil - 'has an value'.

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