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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Module guide: Send Web Notification to Agent

This modules allows to notify the agents within the application.

What does it do?

The module "Send a Web Notification to Agent" is an action you can use to notify your agents logged in to app about some activities of the user.

So, the agent will receive a web push notification with the info you put inside the automation module. You can use snippet tags there.

How does it work?

You need to decide on the trigger and put the condition (if you need) and then connect the flow with "Send a Web Notification to Agent" module.

Message: here you put the text of the notification. It can include the details of the user whose actions are important for the agent (you can use snippet tags here).

URL: here you can paste the url to make the notification clickable and redirect your agent to the proper place.

Agent group: and you finally decide who should receive this notification. It can be a single agent or the members of a agent group. The notification can go automatically to the agent assigned to the user who triggered the automation (if you mark the "use assigned to field" option).

Case Study

Let's imagine you have an e-commerce or SaaS website where "purchase" moment is very important. So, you would like to notify a sales representative each time his lead makes a purchase. For that you need to create an automation: Event trigger > Send a Web Notification to Agent and configure the last module in such a way:

Where does the notification appear?

The notification will appear in a top right corner of the application panel.

It will disappear after few seconds, but don't worry - it will still be available for an agent in Notification center (ring icon)

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