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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Module guide: Update an attribute Action

Update user profiles automatically

What does it do?

You can learn something new about your visitors, users and customers from each visit and message received. With the module "Update an attribute", you can automatically update the data about each person.

How to use it

The module "Update an attribute" consists of two parts: Field and Value. The first refers to a particular standard or custom attribute, and the second presents the value of the attribute. 

Case Study

Let’s create an action path when a person subscribes to your newsletter and you want to update his or her field with the value "true" to the field "newsletter".

Start with the Event Trigger, Register_newsletter (when a person subscribes). Now add the Action, Send an email campaign. So, whenever somebody signs up for the subscription, there will be an email campaign sent to verify the email address. To the “On click” node, add "Update an attribute" (newsletter: true). It's easy as that. You can update your already existing automations by simply adding more "Update an attribute" modules.

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