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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Premium Assistance

Personal consultation with a marketing automation specialist

What is the Premium Assistance?

The Premium Assistance is a service consisting of personal support from one of's marketing automation specialists in the implementation of the app for your specific case.

What is the pricing structure for the Premium Assistance?

The Premium Assistance is based on a per-hour pricing model. It generally ranges from 5 to 10 hours of individual consultation with a specialist, provided via video-conferencing tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and email communication.

Are unused hours transferred to the next billing period?

No. The Premium Assistance should be used within one month. For example, if the package was purchased June 20, it should be used before July 20. Consultants approach this issue individually and flexibly, so if the client uses the Assistance Packages for a long time and at a certain time, need more intensive help from a consultant, there is the possibility to do so, unless all the hours have been used in previous periods.

Does the consultant have access to my application?

Due to our privacy policy and data processing, none of the employees has access to your data stored by you as part of the app. Regarding the Premium Assistance, the consultant is usually invited as the agent to the application, so the configuration of the app's automations can be performed directly on the "live app".

Thanks to the advanced management of access levels and rights in the application, the level of authorization can be created personally for a specific agent which allows for full control of presented data. At the client's request, our specialists can also sign a separate non-disclosure agreement.

What can the consultant do during a video call?

The goal of the service is to share with the client knowledge about the application, train in the necessary skills, and provide best practices for the implementation of the marketing automation system so that the client will be able to use 100% of the app’s potential and maximize its benefits. 

This is not the same service that most marketing agencies provide, where the specialists simply take care of all the processes without your engagement. Our agents consider themselves more as personal tutors. They set up automations for the client's application, test various automations, and optimize campaigns created by the client. Sometimes, they can do this without participation from the client, and, during the call, they simply present the result of ready campaigns. But most of the time, assistance is based on cooperation between agent and client.

Creating HTML email and form templates, copywriting, providing advice on marketing strategies, and sharing general marketing knowledge not connected with the app is not included in the Premium Assistance.

What does the purchase process look like, and can I forego the Premium Assistance and still use the app?

The Premium Assistance can be purchased at any time while using the app. We recommend you use this option during the first 2 - 3 months of your subscription, thus speeding up the initial implementation and increasing your efficiency.

The Premium Assistance itself has no direct connection with your current app subscription and may be ordered at any time. Payment is made in advance by credit card.

If the billing period for the app differs from the billing period for the Premium Assistance, you need to submit 2 separate orders and make two separate payments. Example: You want to take advantage of the half-year payment discount of 10% and, at the same time, you want to use the Assistance Package for only 1 month. In this case, you will place two orders.

What does cooperation with a consultant in the Premium Assistance look like in practice?

Each implementation is slightly different and tailored for each client. However, our agents do try to keep to a specific pattern of work:

  • Basic technical implementation of the app (installation of a script on the website, invitation of agents working within the app, customization of the appearance of the chat widget)
  • Setting implementation goals, for example:

1. Generating leads on the website

2. Onboarding process in the app

3. Setting sales processes for CRM; Implementation of ready-made automations (abandoned cart, activation of slipping away customers)

4. Preparation of the lead management program

5. Establishing "User Stories" or written scripts of the processes that should run on the website. For example, when the client reads 60% of the article from category X, Y, or Z, we show him a pop-up suggesting they subscribe to the newsletter which is connected to the regular piece of knowledge sent via email.

  • Abandoned carts- A user who does not complete the transaction within 3 hours from the moment of adding products to the shopping cart will receive an email informing him or her that the products are still waiting for him. If the customer is already on this page and wants to leave (cursor is behind the browser window), we send a chat message to initiate a conversation.
  • Determining the data structure, what data we need to keep as client attributes, company attributes, events, and event attributes or where it’s better to add tags and use lists; implementing automations
  • Technical advanced implementation (integration of API, SMTP, IMAP)
  • Optimization of existing automations and reporting

How do I book time for a call?

Each of the consultants has a publicly visible calendar through which you can choose a convenient date for a consultation. It's recommended you choose the same time on a specific day of the week in order to meet with the consultant on a cyclical basis.

Can consultations take place in the office or only remotely?

Video conferencing is recommended, while a workshop consultation option is also acceptable. A workshop is an all-day consultation at the client's place of work. Such an option uses the entire 10 hours from the Premium Assistance. If the workshop is to take place in a place other than Warsaw, the cost of travel and accommodation needs to be covered by the client.

Is it worth purchasing the Premium Assistance?

The Premium Assistance can be compared to the purchase of a gym membership with a personal trainer. Of course, you can buy the same gym pass (software package) and try to start out on your own (create individual campaigns and automations yourself). However, if you want someone to check your current state of health, plan your diet, and choose the right exercise plan, you need to consult with a personal trainer. As with, when you want someone to teach you how to use the tool for marketing automation for future success, the Premium Assistance is for you.