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Łukasz Guc
Written by Łukasz Guc

Snooze chat conversations

You might have wondered what is that moon icon in your conversation window for? In this short article we will explain the Snooze mode's features.

What is the Snooze option?

In the nutshell: Snooze mode allows you to hide a certain conversation for a specific period of time.

Thanks to that, you will keep your Open conversations list clean. The snoozed thread will stay hidden, until the specific time passes. After the snooze period ends, the conversation will reemerge in the Open conversations again.

Where is it located?

Where can we find this option? Just look to the upper - right part of the Conversations screen. The moon icon is right next to the "Close conversation" X button.

After pressing the snooze icon, a dropdown menu will open, where you will be able to set how long the message will stay hidden. If you don't see a date that suits your needs, just click the last option, "Custom", to set any date you want.

If you wish to get back to the snoozed thread before it reemerges in "Open" section, you can click the filters in the upper left part of the Conversations screen, and check "Snoozed".

..Or just look for a thread marked with a moon icon at the "All" filter setting.

When you click and open a Snoozed thread, you can manually un-Snooze it, by clicking the moon icon again. This will bring the message back to the "Open" section again.

Simple, right?

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