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Maciej Rządkowski
Written by Maciej Rządkowski

Welcome to 3.0

We are excited to inform you we moving to new version of User. We have been working on it for a long time and finally we are proud to show it to you.

Why is new version better than the current one?

General advantages:

  • definitely higher efficiency of the whole platform (E.g.: speed of tasks execution);
  • dedicated server resources for large clients;
  • option to choose a datacenter (E.g.: France, Canada, Brazil, Australia);
  • improved UX and UI application interface;
  • individual domain for login (E.g.:;
  • additional queues to handle tasks (lack of delays);

New modules:

  • ticketing system (coming soon);
  • integration with Google Calendar (coming soon);
  • integration with Google Ads & Adform (coming soon);
  • more advanced filtering options;
  • product recommendations (hope our e-commerce clients will love it) (coming soon);

Are there any disadvantages of this switch?

Just one: temporary lack of mobile app for chat managing. 

We are in the process of creating new mobile applications (Android and iOS versions). Unfortunately, current apps won’t be supported on new environment.

BUT! Don’t be so sad, we are preparing the upgrade for mobile apps so that you will receive better design and wider range of features there. Just wait a bit ;)

Important to remember: 

  • old login credentials remain unchanged;
  • new login address is where you will see the addresses of all your apps, if you have access to several ones (E.g.:;
  • whole migration process takes about 1 hour for every 50k of users you have in the application;
  • during migration, we do not collect data. So, there will be no data gathered till migration is finished. For example, if we start the migration at 14:00 and finish at 16:15 then we will have lack of details for that period of time.

What should I do on my side?

  • changing the widget script: replace the address with;

this is how old script looks like on your website or GTM:

<script data-cfasync="false">
    window.civchat = {
      apiKey: "3NQVVV",
  <script data-cfasync="false" src=""></script>

this is how it should look like after migration:

<script data-cfasync="false">
    window.civchat = {
      apiKey: "3NQVVV",
  <script data-cfasync="false" src=""></script>
  • change of endpoint addresses in the API the same way (we are preparing the updated API docs with new links);
  • if using Slack integration - connect with your account once again - there is a new app for in Slack;

How does the migration process look like?

  1. Apply for migration of your application (please, contact support team for that via the chat on
  2. Together with the support agent choose a unique and unchangeable address of the subdomain. For example, your company's or project’s name or :)
  3. Schedule the time of migration (set it with support team as well).
  4. Wait :)
  5. When the migration is over you will receive the confirmation. At this point, you will be able to login and check new interface.
  6. Please, remember about changing the widget code and updating your API addresses (see point “What should I do on my side?”)

We are planning to switch our customers’ apps one by one, one at a time. That’s why we want to set deadlines as quickly as possible, to make them suitable for each client.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team via chat at

We wish all of us a smooth move and positive experience with new version of the app :)