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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

How to create a Welcome Email Sequence for fresh newsletter subscribers

Boost user engagement on your website by delivering valuable content through our targeted newsletter campaigns.

The sequence is initiated as soon as a user subscribes to the newsletter. It consists of sending a carefully selected series of emails that acquaint the subscriber with the brand, showcase key products, and offer a special discount on their initial purchase. This approach is designed to boost customer interaction, promote initial sales, and establish a durable relationship with the brand.

Let’s divide the configuration of the process into steps.

Newsletter List and "newsletter_subscribe" Event

First of all you need to have a list of users to work with. It means that you already have a running process of newsletter subscription. It can be a pop-up, built-in form or any other method to collect the info. The most important is to catch a moment when a verified newsletter subscriber appears on your list.
If you don’t have it yet - please check the following article.

As a result you need to have:

  • a Newsletter list

  • "newsletter_subscription" event

Email Campaigns

Prepare your content in advance. Decide how many email campaigns you want to send in a sequence, whether there should be different language versions or any a/b tests.
To learn more about the process of email messages and email campaigns creations read the related article.
From the technical perspective make sure you have the email domain configured and connected with the app. In case of any doubts, check the following instruction.
Remember, that you need to create email campaigns for automations, as later on they will be used in “Send an email campaign” modules.

For example:

The first email campaign can be a simple "Welcome to Community" one.

The next one can relate to promoting the advantages of being a newsletter subscriber "Unlock Your Exclusive Subscriber Perks”

The third email campaign can be divided into two of the basis of the user's actions.

For users with a purchase “Unlock More Perks with Our Mobile App + Join Our Loyalty Program! 📱✨” promoting additional services

For users without a purchase “Get Started With 15% Off Your First Purchase! 🌟” motivating users to make a purchase with the help of the discount code


Now you need to create an automation flow to make everything work together. Always start with writing down a scenario and then look for the modules that meet your requirements and expectations.

Let’s start with the trigger. In this case you can use the “Event Trigger”. It will start the action the same moment a user confirms entering to your “Newsletter” list.

Later on add some delay to the flow as usually at this moment the user receives a notification from you about being successfully added to the newsletter list. To avoid spamming the user wait a bit and then send your first email campaign. It can be a “Welcome Email” showing the main characteristics and advantages of your offers.

Then wait a few days and send the second email campaign and tell the user more about your brand to make the subscriber feel a part of your community. Make sure you put a filter before to check whether the user is still on your newsletter list.

The third delivery can be divided into two separate ones: for users who made the purchase of the website since the moment of becoming a newsletter subscriber and those who didn’t do that. This second group needs an additional motivation that you can provide using the discount codes or special offers. Use an opportunity to personalise the content for these users.

Once you configure all the modules in the automation, save it with the timing suitable for your goal.
“Each time conditions are met” will trigger an automation each time a user subscribes to the newsletter, while “once” will limit it to only one time per user.

Save the settings and turn on the automation.

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