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Aleksandra Nowak
Written by Aleksandra Nowak

Knowledge Base: create your articles

Add first articles to your Knowledge Base


Articles let you share knowledge about your products and services with your users. Each article includes a title, description, content, author, status, and the categories it is assigned to.

The content of the article can include text, images, gifs, code snippets, and quotes.

How to create an article?

Go to Docs -> Articles and click "Create new". Next, choose the language you want to write your article in. and it takes you to the article's editor.

You can easily pick the Status of your article: "draft", "ready to publish", "published" or "archived". Then select categories (learn how to create them here), choose an author and add the article’s title (there is a limit of 50 characters), intro and content. 

How to edit an article?

When you highlight the text you want to format, the text editor panel appears. 

Here you can choose the heading format, add pictures, videos, code, quotes, add URL links, and add hyperlinks of articles that are already in your database.

Adding translations of articles

Each article can be translated by going to the list of articles, clicking the gear icon, then "Translate".

Each translation can be edited by clicking on it in the column Translations.

Filtering articles

You can filter your articles by their title, translations, status, author, or category using the menu on the left or the drop-down menus above the list of articles.

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