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Aleksandra Nowak
Written by Aleksandra Nowak

Knowledge Base: Categories and Subcategories

Learn how to structure your Knowledge Base

Categories let you organize your knowledge base in any way you wish. They can contain both articles and other subcategories, thus creating a tree-like documentation scheme.

Create structure of your docs

To create a new category, go to Docs -> Categories and simply click the button "Create New".

Every element of the article needs to be created in a selected language. This is why you will be asked what language you want to create this category in.

If your language does not appear on the drop-down menu, simply click "Add new language". This will let you add more languages to the drop-down menu.

After selecting the language, provide the Title and Description of the Category. You can choose a Parent category (if you already have other categories). If so, this new category will become the Subcategory.

If you have any ready articles, you can add them to the new category. Simply, choose the articles and move them with the arrows. The last field is the Author of the category.

Add translations of a given Category

Each category and subcategory names can be translated into any language. Click the gear icon at the right of the record, then select Translate.

From the drop-down menu you can get a look at the Public view of the Category, change Articles order and edit or delete a Category.

For each category tracks the average rating of all the articles and the number of their accumulated page visits.

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