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Andrzej Bieda
Written by Andrzej Bieda

Custom attributes

Learn more about how to tailor to your needs and add your own custom attributes.

Create custom attributes

  1. To create a new custom attribute or edit existing ones, go to Settings » App Settings and then under User data & events » User attributes.

  2. Here you can see the list of all custom attributes. If you don’t have any yet, click Create attribute.

  3. Set the name of your attribute. We recommend using small letters and underline _ instead of space, e.g. second_name.

  4. Add description so other agents using your app know what this attribute is for.

  5. Choose the type of the attribute. Select from:

    value: true or false

    fixed choice
    value: one or more selected from defined options

    value: any set of characters up to 256 characters

    value: date in yyyy-mm-dd format, e.g. 2016-08-03

    value: date and time in ISO 8601 format, e.g. 2016-08-03 12:00:00+00:00

    value: full number, e.g. 420

    floating-point number
    value: number with point separator, e.g. 76.01

    JSON file format
    value: valid JSON object, eg. { "key": "value" }

  6. Click Save and that’s it!

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